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Michael Chiang is a distinguished scholar in Chinese architecture and garden designs. He is especially accomplished in the ancient science of Feng Shui and its application in architectural designs. He writes widely on this particular subject. Mr. Chiang practises what he preaches as evident in the designs of the Miu Fat Buddhist Temple in Tuen Mun, the Oscar by the sea development in Tseung Kwan O, South Bay, Tung Tau Wan residential development and Kwun Tong APM Millennium City Plaza.

Mr. Chiang has followed Master Wang of the Loyang School of Feng Shui since 1977 and is the columnist of HKIA Journal and Eastweek. Mr. Chiang has written 5 books on Feng Shui and is currently writing on the 6th one. He is the consultant to many CEO and major shareholders of listed companies in Hong Kong. He was also the lecturer and guest lecturer of various universities and speaker for various symposiums and conferences.

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